Please check the given dimensions to ensure it will work in your space as the picture may not be to scale.  Please contact us if you need a non-standard size.

Whimsical Tree Vinyl Wall Decal
Skinny (43"x65") - single color

Whimsical Tree Vinyl Wall Decal

Your Price:$63.95
Part Number:G-002

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Trunk Color
Optional leaf colors (select up to 3)
White [+$7.00]
Cream [+$7.00]
Black [+$7.00]
Dk Brown [+$7.00]
Lt Brown [+$7.00]
Dk Blue [+$7.00]
Med Blue [+$7.00]
Geyser Blue [+$7.00]
Lt Blue [+$7.00]
Powder Blue [+$7.00]
Dk Green [+$7.00]
Turquoise [+$7.00]
Green [+$7.00]
Lime Green [+$7.00]
Olive [+$7.00]
Celadon [+$7.00]
Dk Gray [+$7.00]
Med Gray [+$7.00]
Dk Red [+$7.00]
Red [+$7.00]
Orange [+$7.00]
Persimmon [+$7.00]
Hot Pink [+$7.00]
Lipstick [+$7.00]
Bubblegum [+$7.00]
Lt Pink [+$7.00]
Pale Pink [+$7.00]
Yellow [+$7.00]
Violet [+$7.00]
Purple [+$7.00]
A nice whimsical tree vinyl wall decal.

Available in a wide or skinny layout as well single or multi-colored.  See pics for layout options.

Skinny measures 43"x 65" - wide measures 55"x 65".  Multi-color available with up to three additional colors (4 total).  Skinny trunks come as one piece - wide trunks will be two pieces.  Leaf sets will come separate to allow for individual placement.

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